Right Risk: Ten Powerful Principles for Taking Giant Leaps with Your Life is Bill Treasurer’s first book, and draws lessons from his experiences as an organizational development professional, as well as the lessons he learned as a daredevil athlete.

As explained in the book, Bill overcame a debilitating fear of heights to eventually become a captain of the US High Diving Team, where he performed over 1500 dives from heights that scaled to over 100 feet high. He also performed over 300 dives as the high-octane superhero "Captain Inferno". The cover of the book has a picture of Bill diving while on fire!

Right Risk
offers ten principles for helping people take risks with greater discipline, focus, and maturity so they can confidently face life's challenges and take advantage of life's opportunities. It helps readers resolve such dilemmas as:

  1. How to discriminate between right risks and wrong ones.

  2. How to balance the need to take more risks with the need to preserve your safety.

  3. How to overcome the comfortable and entrenching effects of inertia.

  4. How to deal with naysayers.

  5. How to manage fear by using it as a source of forward-moving energy.

  6. How to take risks with greater confidence and intelligence.

Rather than teaching people how to avoid risk, Right Risk teaches readers how to risk wisely-how to take that risk they've always wanted to take.

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