Positively M.A.D. brings together 50 world-respected experts to share thoughts and ideas about how to make positive and lasting changes in the world, despite the challenges of our times.

As Bill Treasurer, the book’s chief editor writes in the foreword, "Regardless of our station in life, each of us is entitled, and perhaps obliged, to etch our initials onto the tree of humanity. Despite the complexity of the world's problems and inadequacies, and despite our own frustration with the current state of affairs, we can indeed Make A Difference."

  1. Emphasizes people, actions, and ideas that are "mad"-out-of-the-ordinary, unexpected, counter-intuitive, defiant, offbeat, and edgy.

  2. Features stories and contributions from over 50 renowned authors and experts.

  3. Provides compelling and practical advice to help readers become “activated” so they can make a positive contribution in the organizations they serve.

This book says it is okay to be angry at the way things are in the world today. But it is not okay to be a malcontent. Instead, readers are urged to use their anger as a source of fuel to help them make positive and lasting changes in the world. Be mad, but be positively mad!

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Courage Goes To Work:
How to Build Backbones
Boost Performance, and
Get Results

Price: $26.95

  Positively M.A.D.
Making A Difference in
Your Organization,
Communities and
the World

Price: $12.00
  Right Risk: 10 Powerful
Principles for Taking
Giant Leaps with Your Life
Communities and the World

Paperback Original
Price: $15.95
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