Courage Goes to Work categorizes courageous acts into three large “buckets.” These courage buckets are:

  1. TRY Courage: TRY Courage is the courage of initiative and action. It’s what you’re talking about when you say you want people to “step up to the plate”. TRY Courage can be seen in “first attempts”—for example, whenever you attempt a new, skill-stretching, or pioneering tasks. Volunteering to lead a tough or risky project is a demonstration of TRY Courage.

  2. TRUST Courage: TRUST Courage is the courage that it takes to relinquish control and rely on others. When you talk of wanting employees to embrace company changes more enthusiastically, it is TRUST Courage that you want people to have. When you have TRUST Courage, you give people the benefit of the doubt, instead of questioning the motives and intentions of those around you.

  3. TELL Courage: TELL Courage is the courage of “voice,” and involves speaking with candor and conviction, especially when the opinions expressed run counter to the group’s. When your TELL Courage is activated, you assert yourself more willingly and confidently. Your TELL Courage is at work when you tactfully but truthfully provide tough feedback to others, or when you raise your hand and ask for help, or when you fess up about mistakes you’ve made before others find out.

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